St Mark's Church, Sheffield

Our ethos

We are a mixed group of people, mostly with a Church of England background, who share an open-minded and thoughtful approach to Christian faith.

We understand that

  • genuine faith is committed to the search for truth, wherever it comes from
  • it is possible to think and talk about God in ways that make sense in our time and culture
  • we never have absolute certainty.

We encourage

  • open discussion: freedom to explore ideas, ask questions and change our minds without fear of disapproval
  • critical scholarship: keeping up to date with good research, examining the implications of new insights and discoveries
  • willingness to change: so that what we believe now can be expressed in the things our churches do and say.

We expect our theology to be

  • public: talking the language of ordinary people, not that of a religious club
  • relevant: engaging with what is going on in society, informing our faith and how we live
  • respectful: willing to learn from others, within and outside Christianity, since we accept that we don't have all the answers.

Modern Church was founded in 1898. At the end of the 19th century the Modernist movement defended new scientific findings - especially evolution - and biblical scholarship against the rising tide of fundamentalism.

We believe, though the specific issues in debate may change, that our approach is needed today as much as ever.