Modern Believing

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Volume 52 (2011):  1 (January)2 (April)3 (July)4 (October)
Volume 51 (2010):  1 (January)2 (April)3 (July)4 (October)
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Volume 45 (2004):  3 (July)4 (October)

Vol 53:1  Jan 2012 - Editor: Adrian Thatcher

EditorialBooks reviewed

The Literal Sense of Scripture: A Hermeneutical Disaster
Adrian Thatcher
Contextual Bible Study: Characteristics and Challenges
Susannah Cornwall
The Bible and the Novel: Apocalyptic Reading
Alison Milbank
The New Atheism: Reflections of a Biblical Scholar
John Barton
'God's Ex-Wife: what price monotheism?'
A 'discussion' with Prof. Francesca Stavrakopolou
The Control of Life and Death: Widening the Field
Averil Stedeford

Vol 52:4  Oct 2011 - Editor: Paul Badham

EditorialBooks reviewed

I am not a Problem: I am your Sister in Christ
Hilary Cotton
Jewish Folklore in Matthew's Infancy Stories
Gareth Lloyd Jones
Digital Privacy: A Squandered Gift
Eric Stoddart
Translatability and the Breath of Life. A Sermon for Pentecost
Simon J. Taylor
The Metaphysics of Energy
Peter F. Mills
After Life? The Elect are bound to be saved, but not necessarily (Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica)
Tim Belben

Vol 52:3  Jul 2011 - Editor: Paul Badham

EditorialBooks reviewed

Recent Developments in the Anglican Communion, or Ecumenism Misapplied
Marilyn McCord Adams
What can we learn from the Cognitive Science of Religion?
John Nightingale
The Psalms: What can we do with the nasty bits?
Nick Jowett
Judaism and Euthanasia
Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Faith in the Free-market: A Cautionary Tale for Anglican Adults
Martyn Percy

Vol 52:2  Apr 2011 - Editor: Paul Badham

The Centenary of 'The Modern Churchman/Modern Believing'

EditorialBooks reviewed

Henry Major and the foundation of The Modern Churchman
Clive Pearson
Essays and Reviews: 150 years on
Mark D. Chapman
'Released from the thraldom of mere bibliolatry': Biblical Criticism in the Sermons of Bishop Colenso
Gerald Parsons
An Historical Argument for Belief in the Resurrection of Jesus
Paul Badham
The Phenomenology of the Near-Death Experience (NDE): An Encounter with Eternity - or Simply an Aberrant Brain-State?
Michael N. Marsh

Vol 52:1  Jan 2011 - Editor: Paul Badham

Shifting Paradigms: Theology and Economics in the 21st Century

EditorialBooks reviewed

Do we need a new economic paradigm?
Tim Leunig
A Theological Interpretation of the Financial Crisis
Philip Goodchild
The Financial Crisis: A Crisis for Liberalism?
Malcolm Brown
The Failure of Neo-Liberalism and the 'Despotism of Numbers': A Political and Theological Critique
Michael S. Northcott
Theology and Political Economy in the 21st Century: From Irrelevance to Ally in Progressive Change
John Atherton

Vol 51:4  Oct 2010 - Editor: Paul Badham

Modern Church

EditorialBooks reviewed

Modern Church's Response to the Proposed Covenant
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Episcopacy of all Believers
Marilyn McCord Adams
Once Again: 'Does Christology Rest on a Mistake?'
Paul Trudinger
What's in a name? The Significance of John Ruskin for Anglia Ruskin University and its Chaplaincy
Ivor Moody
Religious Experience in Contemporary Turkey
Cafer Sadik Yaran

Vol 51:3  Jul 2010 - Guest editor: Alan Race

Edinburgh 1910 to 2010: a Century of Being Changed

EditorialBooks reviewed

Between Edinburgh 1910 and 2010: Changing Theological Views of Mission
Paul H. Cho
Matthew's Trumpet Blast (28.16-20)
J. Leslie Houlden
Ecumenical Theology 1910-2010: Does it have a future?
Paul Avis
Interreligious Dialogue and Mission in Protestant Theology
S. Wesley Ariarajah
Mission and Dialogue in Contemporary Catholicism
John T. Pawlikowski, OSM
Feminist Theology as Theology of Religions
Helene Egnell

Vol 51:2  Apr 2010 - Editor: Paul Badham

Attitudes of Lay Anglicans to Current Controversies

EditorialBooks reviewed

How Homonegative is the Typical Anglican Congregation?
Mandy Robbins, Leslie Francis, Andrew Village and Laura Murray
A Lay Vote of Confidence: New research across five provinces indicates more agreement than division and little appetite for schism
Nicholas P. Henderson
Religious Experience among Contemporary Japanese University Students
Paul McQuillan and John O'Gorman
The Church and Modern Media
Colin McAlister
Quantum Creation? Cosmologists are coming up with some strange theories about the origin of the Universe
Tim Belben
Weighing the Gravity of Sin: A Response to Jeyan Anketell's Article 'Making sense of Atonement'
Brenda Watson

Vol 51:1  Jan 2010 - Editor: Paul Badham

Liberal Theology in the Contemporary World

EditorialBooks reviewed

The Future of Liberal Theology - A Reflection from the Chair
John Saxbee
For What We have Received
Geoffrey Rowell
Liberalism in Science and in Christian Faith
Keith Ward
Liberating the Church for Today and Tomorrow
Brian Smith
Liberating Scripture: Holding on to Fundamentals without being Fundamentalist
Helen-Ann Hartley
Liberal Theology: To Bring Peace or a Sword
Jonathan Clatworthy
When the Word on the Street is RESIST
Peter Selby

Vol 50:4  Oct 2009 - Editor: Paul Badham

Religion in America today

EditorialBooks reviewed

Emotion, Experience and Enthusiasm: The Growing Divide in the U.S. Religion
Lynn Bridgers
The Funeral Celebrant's Tale
David Seddon
Assessing Chaplaincy's Contribution to the Care of Mental Disease on Campus
Ivor Moody
Hastings Rashdall's Theology of the Church
Margaret J. Rayner
Making sense of Atonement
Jeyan Anketell

Vol 50:3  Jul 2009 - Editor: Paul Badham

Why the Church needs Liberal Theology

EditorialBooks reviewed

Affirming Liberalism
Mark D Chapman
Teilhard de Chardin and Sir Alister Hardy
Marianne Rankin
In Honour of Darwin's 200th Birthday!
Jonathan Clatworthy
Reconciliation and Renewal in Anglican Life
Lorraine Cavanagh
Saving the Soul of Anglicanism: The Nature and Future of the Anglican Communion
Janet Wootton

Vol 50:2  Apr 2009 - Editor: Paul Badham

Widening Horizons

EditorialBooks reviewed

'In which the pure Word of God is preached and Sacraments be duly administered': The Ecclesiology of the Church of England in the context of the European Reformation
Charlotte Methuen
Saving the Soul of Anglicanism: Blessing or Curse; the African Experience
Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba
Jews, Christians and Muslims in Leeds Formulate Principles for Peace in Israel/Palestine
David G Kibble, Neil Solden and Hassan Abassi
Flat Screens and Rood Screens: The Integration of Audio-Visual Technology into Traditional Worship
Andrew Cain, Angharad Parry Jones
Religious Experience in Tamilnadu, South India
Jonathan Robinson
'My Kingdom is Not of This World': Reflections on Archbishop Jensen's Jesus
Andrew Gleeson

Vol 50:1  Jan 2009 - Guest Editor: Johannes Hoff

German Theology in Contemporary Society

EditorialBooks reviewed

Science, Life and Religion: Theology at the University
Helmut Hoping
Christian Ethics in Germany - Tendencies and Future Perspectives
Hille Haker
Christendom and Culture - the Cultural Turn of Contemporary German Protestant Theology and its Criticism
Ulrich H. J. Körtner
The Politics of Revelation - New Challenges, Different Perspectives
Gregor Maria Hoff
Beyond Experience. The Contribution of System Theory in German Theology
Johann Ev. Hafner
'God in me, above me': A Reasonable Faith Grounded in the Consciousness of Self
Saskia Wendel

Vol 49:4  Oct 2008 - Editor: Paul Badham

Conference papers and Martyn Percy on Bishop Gene Robinson

EditorialBooks reviewed

The Religious Poetry of R. S. Thomas - Questions not Answers - a way forward for the Anglican Communion?
Barry Morgan
Unfit for Purpose - or, why a pan-Anglican Covenant at this time is a very bad idea!
Marilyn McCord Adams
Anglicanism: Blessing or Curse? The Irish Experience
Michael Jackson
Holding Together in the Eye of the Storm: Responding to Barney Hawkins and Ian Markham
Martyn Percy

Vol 49:3  Jul 2008 - Editor: Paul Badham

The Historic Anglican Recognition of 'Change and Alteration'

EditorialBooks reviewed

Reflections on the Craig-Flew Debate
Paul Badham
Applied Theology for the Retired Minister in Secular Employment (MSE)
Dorrie Johnson
The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion
Barney Hawkins and Ian Markham
In a Divided World is there a Future for Sustainable Security?
Paul Rogers

Vol 49:2  Apr 2008 - Editor: Paul Badham

Pacifism and the Just War Traditions

EditorialBooks reviewed

Attitudes to Human Sexuality within the Methodist Church
David Booth
From Pacifism to Just War: Changing Attitudes in the Church of England 1930 to 1940
David Branford
Hearing the Truth in Love - A Response to 'Splitting Up'
Lorraine Cavanagh
Splitting Up
Richard Crossland
The Ethics of Pacifism and Just War in an Age of Terrorist Violence
Tony Kempster
Reconciliation and Renewal within the Church
Paul Oestreicher
Has Secularism Emptied the World of Angels?
Howard Worsley

Vol 49:1  Jan 2008 - Editor: Paul Badham

A more permissive attitude

EditorialBooks reviewed

Restrictions on the Gospel: Some Illegitimate Concerns of 'Marginalised' Evangelicals
Eric Stoddart
Jesus, the Law and Moral Issues Today
Richard Bending
A Psychospiritual and Physical Argument for 'Fresh Expressions' of Worship
Paul Cudby
Mysticism, Experience and the Vision of Teilhard de Chardin
David Lewin
Radical Orthodoxy, Don Cupitt and Heidegger
David Wemyss
Religion in Britain and China: Similarities and Differences
Paul Badham
Review Essay on Rowan William's Tokens of Trust
Patrick Thomas

Vol 48:4  Oct 2007 - Editor: Paul Badham

Ministerial Challenges

EditorialBooks reviewed

Ordained but Disdained: Women's Work in the Church of England
David Voas
Clergy Career Patterns: Is Leaving or Cleaving Different for Men and Women?
Kelvin Randall
Seeking Fresh Expressions of Ministry
Neil Burgess
Forgiveness, Mercy and Judgement
James P. Danaher
Faith and Believing
Jonathan Clatworthy
Casting Off the Garment of Humility: A response to The Report of the Covenant Design Group
T. W. Bartel
John Webster, Confessing God (Review Essay)
Peter Groves

Vol 48:3  Jul 2007 - Guest Editor: Ian S. Markham

Includes editorial and book reviews

No Best Choice: A Tale of Disability, Motherhood and Faith in the Age of Advanced Reproduction
Ellen Painter Dollar
Voices from the Margins: Using a Foundation Analysis of Power in Cases of Clergy Misconduct
Martha Klein-Larsen
A New Interpretation of Conscience: Where Care for the Self, Attention to the World, and Hearing God Intersect
Heidi Gehman
Engaging Difference: Exercise and Tips for Creating Experiential Learning Environments
Vanessa Avery-Wall
Seeing Outranks Believing: Some Buddhist Reflections of Faith and Belief
Jane Compson

Vol 48:2  Apr 2007 - Editor: Paul Badham

Includes editorial and book reviews

A Consultation Paper on the Covenant Proposal
Jonathan Clatworthy and Paul Bagshaw
The Contemporary Relevance of the Just War Tradition
Paul Badham
Human and Divine Love
James Danaher
Finding Space for the Sacred
Ivor Moody
Hastings Rashdall on Immortality
Margaret Rayner

Vol 48:1  Jan 2007 - Editor: Paul Badham

Includes editorial and book reviews

Understanding Homosexuality in the 21st Century
Alan Sheard and Gill Cooke
If the Church says 'No', does God say 'Yes!'? - Theological Reflection on Sexuality in a Consumer Culture
Elaine Graham
A Shameless Defence of a Liberal Church
Marilyn McCord Adams
Justice for Children Too
Adrian Thatcher
Jesus and Animals in Christian Apocryphal Literature
Andrew Linzey

Vol 47:4  Oct 2006 - Editor: Paul Badham

Includes editorial and book reviews

Friends and Enemies: Breaking Down the Dichotomies between Science and Religion
John Hedley Brooke
Finding Wonder, Seeking Wisdom: Reflections at the Boundary of Science and Religion
Celia E. Dean-Drummond
Similarities and Differences between Near Death Experiences and other forms of Religious Experience
Sheela James
The Threat of Dialogue
Neil Burgess
Knowing and 'Just Knowing'
Rod Jenks

Vol 47:3  Jul 2006 - Editor: Paul Badham

Includes editorial and book reviews

Unwelcome and Welcome Truths - A Christian, Jewish and Muslim Declaration
Alan Race and others
Rethinking Postmodern Theology
Theo Hobson
Music as Spiritual Experience
June Boyce-Tillman
Telling God's Stories Again and Again - Reflection on Remembrance and Reconciliation
Oliver Schuegraf
Nakedness, Bodiliness and the New Creation
Michael P. Wilson
How to Flourish in the Third Age - A Virtue Ethical Approach
Richard Craig

Vol 47:2  Apr 2006 - Editor: Paul Badham

Includes editorial and book reviews

The Significance of Rowland Williams
Paul Badham
Some Issues in Human Sexuality: A Reliable Guide to the Debate on Homosexuality?
Timothy W. Bartel
Religious Orthodoxy as Popular Belief: Calling, Diversity and Dynamism in Reformed Protestant Religion in The Netherlands
Tony Watling
Religious Experience in Contemporary China
Xinzhong Yao
On Posthumans, Transhumanism and Cyborgs: Towards a Transhumanist-Christian Conversation
Heidi Campbell

Vol 47:1  Jan 2006 - Editor: Paul Badham

Modern Believing Today

Includes editorial and book reviews

The God Experience (Who Has It and Why?): Perspectives from Empirical Theology
Leslie J. Francis
Religion and Science: Old Enemies or New Friends?
Richard Harries
The Holocaust is a Christian Issue: Christology Revisited
Richard A. Cohen
The Rapid Growth of Protestant Christianity in Korea and the Emergence of Cultural Hybridity within it
Hyung Chull Jang
Honesty and Charity in the Church of England
David Taylor

Vol 46:4  Oct 2005 - Editor: Martyn Percy

Liberal Discipleship

Includes editorial and book reviews

To Conserve and Maintain the Church: Repealing the Thirty-Nine Articles
Lyn Ferraby
Excommunication in Contemporary Scotland
Eric Stoddart
Charles Handy: A Spirituality for the Marketplace
Anthony Woollard
Art as Healing Agent in Ministry to the Dying
G. W. Wilson
In the Mirror of the Eschaton? - Speech and the Fullness of Time in Soren Kierkegaard
David S. Wemyss
Popularised Atonement Theory in Children's Literature
Howard Worsley

Vol 46:3  Jul 2005 - Editor: Martyn Percy

Includes editorial and book reviews

How Edwardian Modernists Read the Canon
David Pym
Openness Theology Part Two - Dealing with the Shortcomings
Paul Cudby
The Professionalisation of Higher Education Chaplaincy
Simon Robinson and Nick Baker
Authority and Governance in the Roman Catholic Church
Kenneth Wilson
A Fearful Asymmetry in Contemporary Catholic Thought
Joe Carlisle and Andrew Teal
Geoffrey Fisher's Ghost - the 'Liberal Conspiracy' in the Church of England
Neil Burgess
Letter to the Editor
Simon Tebbutt

Vol 46:2  Apr 2005 - Editor: Martyn Percy

Includes editorial and book reviews

Shopping-shaped Church?
Neil Burgess
Openness Theology - a new Evangelical Approach to the Epicurean Paradox
Paul Cudby
The Improbable Bishop Ian Thomas Ramsey - Bishop of Durham 1966-1972
John S. Peart-Binns
'No Longer Believing'-or-'Believing Without Belonging'
Kevin Ward
MCU Submission on the Assisted Dying Bill
Paul Badham
Letter to the Editor
Paul Ballard

Vol 46:1  Jan 2005 - Editor: Martyn Percy

Authority in Christian Faith

Includes editorial by Jonathan Clatworthy and book reviews

Authority without Infallibility: The Bible Today
John Rogerson
The Authority of the Church
Rowan Williams
The Experimental Grounds for Believing in God and a Future Life
Paul Badham
The Authority of University Chaplaincies
Jonathan Clatworthy
Podium: Worshipping the Son
John Earwaker
Letter to the Editor
John Bunyan

Vol 45:4  Oct 2004 - Editor: Martyn Percy

Includes editorial and book reviews

'Ambassadors in Bonds' and Other Ironies of Ripon Hall
Michael W. Brierley
By What Authority?
Anthony Harvey
Authority: Concept in Decline
Richard Newby
Authority and the Arts
Genista McIntosh
Dogma as Poetry
Graham Neville
Ecclesiological Fundamentalism
Theo Hobson
What You See Isn't Necessarily What You Get: Recent Writing on Theology and Film
Clive Marsh
Letter to the Editor
Keith Trivasse

Vol 45:3  Jul 2004 - Editor: Martyn Percy

Includes editorial and book reviews

What has Law got to Offer the Church?
Paul Bagshaw
Conflict and Division in the Anglican Communion: A Spiritual Crisis?
Lorraine Cavanagh
A Matter of Attitude: Homosexuality and Divisions in the Church
Alasdair Crockett and David Voas
The Anglican Tradition of Controversial Bishops
John Tomlinson
Lay Comments on Church and Ministry
Alan Wilkinson
Contra Ecclesiam: Resisting the Institution
John Hammersley
Podium - The Anglican Communion: Discipline, Communion and a Way Forward
Simon J. Taylor