To Lambeth in the Summertime

by Audrey Theodosia Bryant

from Signs of the Times, No. 29 - Apr 2008


Oh Lambeth, lovely Lambeth, I want to go to Lambeth,

To hear the talk and walk the walk

And listen and be heard;

But who'll be there at Lambeth?

Will they be fair at Lambeth?

And who will come to quarrel with the word?


We have so many languages and not just spoken languages,

The languages of thought and deed

And body language too,

The nuance in the deference

Which makes a lot of difference

In how you take to me and I to you.


As Christians we all love us, everyone will love us,

And be open to our differences

Or else we won't be there.

We pray that they will see the light

And come to know that we are right

And heal the diversity we share.


And one and all bless Rowan in his thankless role of goin'

To referee the holy struggle to

Come to some accord.

Developing a vision

Is a sort of evolution

(Darn! Shouldn't use that damned divisive word).