The Student Christian Movement is 120!

by Matt Gardner

from Signs of the Times, No. 33 - Apr 2009

2009 sees the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Student Christian Movement, one of the very first ecumenical organisations and a pioneer over more than a century of open-minded, critically engaged Christianity. The influence of SCM has spread beyond the student world as throughout the 20th Century people who had their spiritual, political and social formation in the movement took those values forward into careers in the church, the ecumenical movement and wider society (not to mention the MCU!). The NUS, LGCM and to an extent the WCC can all claim parentage of the Student Christian Movement.

Today's SCM is a student-led community passionate about faith and justice, envisioning Christianity as inclusive, aware, radical and challenging. At a time of growing secular and religious intolerance the message and role of SCM on university and college campuses is as important as ever. Not only the world of education, but the church, the ecumenical movement and wider society need to hear the voices of thoughtful, engaged young people who take religious questions seriously.

That is why we are asking for your help. MCU members are likely to share our concern for promoting a space for inclusive, questioning Christianity on campuses. We invite those of you who share our aims to support our 120th jubilee appeal which aims to develop and expand our work by increasing the movement's regular income from individual supporters. Visit the SCM website at or phone 0121 200 3355 for more information, and help us ensure that future generations of students are able to benefit from the same opportunities as those of the last 120 years!