Signs of the Times

In recent editions

No. 44 - Jan 2012

Editorial: The End of the Dream?
Anthony Woollard
Jehovah's witness?
Tim Belben
Only One Way?
Mary Roe
The Economics of Good and Evil
Richard Truss
Scripture Twisters
Averil Stedeford
What would Jesus occupy?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Book Review: Stephen Cottrell, The Nail
Alan Wolfe
North West Region Conference on The Resurrection - 13 October 2011
Dick Martin

No. 43 - Oct 2011

Editorial: Now It Is Our Turn
Anthony Woollard
Donald Barnes - a tribute
Sally Barnes
Donald Barnes - a further tribute
Claire Wilson
Conference Afterword
Adrian Thatcher
Reactions to the 2011 conference
Brenda Watson
An Anthem for Modern Church
Mary Roe
Greenbelt 2011
Jonathan Clatworthy
Book Review: Lorraine Cavanagh, Making Sense of God's Love
Mary Roe
Book Review: Helen-Ann Hartley, Making Sense of the Bible
Alan Wolfe
Notice of another new book
Christmas: Ancient Meanings, Modern Faith by Adrian Alker

No. 42 - Jul 2011

Editorial: Mind the Gap
Anthony Woollard
The illusion of orthodoxy
Graham Hellier
What are we to do about weddings?
Jean Mayland
Book Review: At Heaven's Gate - Reflections on Leading Worship
Martin Gorick
NW Region Conference Report - May 2011
Joan Martin
Liberals are not afraid of change
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 41 - Apr 2011

Editorial: Of Making Many Books There Is No End
Anthony Woollard
What is the Anglican Covenant for?
Jonathan Clatworthy
SCM News
Hilary Topp
The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality (CSCS)
Anthony Woollard
Book review: Touching the Sacred
Tim Stead
Letters to the Editor
Brenda Watson, Jane Rolfe, Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 40 - Jan 2011

Editorial: Counting the Members, Members who Count
Anthony Woollard
A Problem with Physics?
Peter Mills
Graffiti is My Religion: Evangelizing Evanescence in Belfast, N Ireland
Mary Taylor
What do Christians believe about God?
Margaret Bradnum
Letter to the Editor
Graham Hellier
...and one to the Church of England Newspaper
Mary Roe
NW Region conference report: The Gospel Infancy Narratives
Richard Martin
Open believing
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 39 - Oct 2010

Editorial: The Power of Symbols
Anthony Woollard
What's Wrong With Creationism?
Mary Taylor
"This is my Blood"
Graham Hellier
Shifting Paradigms: Theology and Economics in the 21st Century
Two views of the annual conference by Alan Wolfe and David Storey
Modern Church at Greenbelt
Christine Alker with song lyrics by Tim Stead and Julian Pugsley
Liberal Faith and Positive Values
NW Regional Group conference report by Liz Poynton

No. 38 - Jul 2010

Editorial: To Thine Own Self Be True, or, Things New And Old
Anthony Woollard
General Synod matters
Jonathan Clatworthy
The doctrine of the Trinity and interfaith dialogue
Jeyan Anketell
Priests, sacrifices and modern economics
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 37 - Apr 2010

Editorial: Religion and politics
Anthony Woollard
Wandering in the Wilderness
Jean Mayland
Identity and truth
Jonathan Clatworthy
Joint Publications Project
Christine Alker
Tributes to Simon Tebbutt
Rosalind Lund

No. 36 - Jan 2010

Anthony Woollard
Simon Tebbutt: In memoriam
Richard Truss, Nicholas Henderson, Peter Mills
The Anglican Church In North America
Paul Bagshaw
Book review - Mark Rees, Dear Sir or Madam: A Journey from Female to Male
Mark Dalby
Book review - Katharine Jefferts Schori, The Gospel in the Global Village
Anthony Woollard
Assisted Dying - NW region conference report
David Taylor
Is it modern to be modern?
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 35 - Oct 2009

Editorial: Liberalism in Process
Anthony Woollard
Gift and gratitude
Jonathan Clatworthy
Remembering Mary
Alan Sheard
Lambeth Conference 2008 - a young person's perspective
Rob Wilcock
Faith in a Darwinian World - NW region conference report
David Taylor
The Windsor process would have blocked abolition
Gillian Cooke

No. 34 - Jul 2009

Editorial: Wicked Texts and the Lure of Puritanism
Anthony Woollard
Divine Glory - and facing the wrong way
Tim Belben
Positive liberal believing
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Green Rebellion in Iran
Jean Mayland

No. 33 - Apr 2009

Editorial: Religio rediviva
Anthony Woollard
Natural theology and the state of the world
Jonathan Clatworthy
Women Bishops and the February Synod
Marilyn McCord Adams
Fear Not: A Message for Easter from a Researcher on Anglican Schism
Peter Foley
The Student Christian Movement is 120!
Matt Gardner

No. 32 - Jan 2009

Editorial: Back to Basics
Anthony Woollard
The God of natural processes
Tim Belben
Yes we can!
Adrian Alker
House of Lords maiden speech: the economic impact of immigration
John Saxbee
Cosying up to Kaspar
Jean Mayland
Liberalism when its liberal
Jonathan Clatworthy
Liberal anglicans defend diversity
Mary Taylor

No. 31 - Oct 2008

Editorial: Until the Harvest
Anthony Woollard
Once more with feeling
David Driscoll
Parsifal on Ice
Mary Taylor
A Savage Text
Adrian Thatcher
General Synod of the Church of England - July 2008
a report by Tim Hind
General Synod - Update on women bishops
Jean Mayland
Lambeth Conference: talking shop or legislator?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Report on NW region day conference
Richard Martin

No. 30 - Jul 2008

Editorial: Do we speak the same language?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Do we speak the same language? A response
Jean Kerr
Are we speaking to each other, or just shouting?
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Covenant will not do
Paul Bagshaw
When will they get it?
Jean Mayland
'Fresh Expressions' - but of what?
Anthony Woollard
Reflections from the Silk Route
Jean Mayland
Revelation - extracts from an email discussion
Paul Smith, David Morling, Paul Bagshaw

No. 29 - Apr 2008

Editorial: What do we expect of church leaders?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Recollections of confirmation
Mary Roe
The Bug with a Propeller up its Bum
John MacDonald Smith
Travelling from Chalcedon to Crdoba
Graham Hellier
God's pilgrim people
Savitri Hensman
Learning for a Living - Why Clergy Education Matters
Lorraine Cavanagh
Reflections From A Train
David Marshall
Seeing Christ in Human Rights
Donn Mitchell
To Lambeth in the Summertime
A poem by Audrey Theodosia Bryant

No. 28 - Jan 2008

Editorial: What needs to be freshly expressed?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Climate and Church in Malawi
Jonathan Clatworthy
A View from the Pew
Joan Dorrell
Climate change: A vision of a low carbon future
Michael Bayley
Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ
Nick Jowett
Creation and Darwin's evolutionary theory
David Taylor
The Pity and the Wonder - Part 6
Patrick Lewin

No. 27 - Oct 2007

Editorial: Natural theology, the Bible and the church
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Revd Canon Chris Bard
David Driscoll
The Authority of the Bible
David Taylor
Intercessory Prayer - a Google of ideas
Extracts from an online discussion
Lake Malawi still has no bishop
Events continue to astonish
Gone for Good? A Day Conference on Church Leaving
Karin Lyle
The Pity and the Wonder - Part 5
Patrick Lewin
John Paul I - A suitable case for Hercule Poirot?
John Mackrell
The Very Revd Alan Webster
Jean Mayland
Violence: a Stubborn Pandemic - Reflections on the 2007 MCU Conference
Alan Race
Letter: This year's conference
Judith Pritchard

No. 26 - Jul 2007

Editorial: Good religion, good science
Jonathan Clatworthy
Conscientious objection
Mary Roe
Response to the Draft Anglican Covenant
Summary of the arguments
Bouncing the Covenant through the Anglican Communion
Paul Bagshaw
MCU and the Covenant
Thou shalt (not) tamper with the text!
Graham Hellier
Fighting Fundamentalism
Extracts from Douglas Bartles-Smith's new book
Scholarship and Fierce Sincerity
Calum Gilmour
Science And Religion - Avoiding The Conflict
John Quenby
The Pity and the Wonder - Part 4
Patrick Lewin
Letter: Reply to the Meanings of Certainty
Brenda Watson
Letter: Reply to Faith at School
Elizabeth Ashton
Two Poems
Audrey Theodosia Bryant

No. 25 - Apr 2007

Editorial: Religious Exceptions
Jonathan Clatworthy
A Hopeful Future for English Evangelicalism
Simon Butler
Abb Pierre
Richard Darlington
Mr and Mrs Jesus and their son
Frances Eccleston, Anthony Woollard, David Storey
Gay Adoption
John Mackrell
Authority - a personal view
Richard Martin
The Pity and the Wonder - Part 3
Patrick Lewin
A Plea for the Deluded
John MacDonald Smith
What price unity?
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 24 - Jan 2007

Editorial: Who wants to be evangelized?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Leading an Embattled Church?
John Saxbee
Faith at School
Mary Roe
Inclusive, Confident, Faithful: A Response to Rowan Williams
Steven Shakespeare and Hugh Rayment-Pickard
The Media and the Archbishop
Richard Hall
Covenant - or Ultimatum?
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Pity and the Wonder - Part 2
Patrick Lewin
Letter: The Meanings of Certainty
Lewis Stretch
Reflections on NW region day conference
Barbara Wollaston

No. 23 - Oct 2006

Editorial: The dangers of certainty
Jonathan Clatworthy
'Reclothed in our rightful mind?'
Graham Blyth
Communion - First or Last?
Richard Bending
The Story Behind My 'Conversion'
David Ananda Hart
Graham Hellier
Benedict XVI: The metaphysical pope and the historical church
John Mackrell
The Pity and the Wonder - Part 1
Patrick Lewin
A People-Centred Church
Richard Martin

No. 22 - Jul 2006

Editorial: A Two-tier Anglicanism?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Don't erect walls of exclusion
Paul Colton
Women bishops and gays? That's the Church for me!
Jean Mayland
St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity
Adrian Alker
Learning from and Working with Other Faiths
Marcus Braybrooke
Free to Believe
Martin Camroux
The Disappearance of Science and Medicine
Gillian Cooke
SCM Friends and a new book
Liam Purcell
Not how we do it in the UK
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 21 - Apr 2006

Editorial: The Resurrection: Help or Hindrance to Faith?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Theology in the Church
George Pattison
The Anglican Liberal Tradition
Paul Badham
Civil Partnerships: Fulcrum and the Bishop of Bangor
Summary of a debate
Dialogue and Difference
Martyn Percy
No TEA for me thank you
Jean Mayland

No. 20 - Jan 2006

Terminally Ill Bill
Paul Badham
The Challenge of Multi-Culturalism
Anne Davison
Reflections on The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Jean Mayland
Church Planting with Menaces
Richard Truss
Partnership and Promotion: the InclusiveChurch Campaign 2005
Erica Wooff
General Synod - the Next Five Years
John Saxbee
Beauty and Belief
Jim Cotter
O My God!
David L Edwards

No. 19 - Oct 2005

Editorial: On the popularity of religious leaders
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Bishops' Pastoral Statement
David Taylor
Religion and Science - Report on the MCU Annual Conference
Helen Holmes
The 2004 and 2005 conferences: a personal reflection
Richard Hall
Katrina: It's an ill wind...
Patrick Lewin
The Revd Professor W H C Frend
Simon Tebbutt

No. 18 - Jul 2005

Editorial: Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ
Jonathan Clatworthy
Benedict XVI: Curia Triumphans
John Mackrell
Liberal issues and liberal method
Jonathan Clatworthy
Human Rights, the New Religion?
Suzanne Long
Scripture and Cyril
William Frend
Mary, Grace and Hope in Christ
Mary Roe
Where Have all the Voters gone?
Donald Barnes
An Extra-ordinary Service
Mark Rees
The land that lies between religious belief and non-belief
David Fairhurst

No. 17 - Apr 2005

Editorial: The tsunami and God
Jonathan Clatworthy
We too are Nature
Laura Deacon
Jerry Springer - the Operetta
Betsy Grey
New Developments in Religious Observance in Scottish Schools
Pat Boyd
A People of a Book? - no thanks!
Jean Mayland
Richard Martin
Thoughts on viewing the Hagar Qim Temple in Malta
David Fairhurst

No. 16 - Jan 2005

Editorial: A Time to Die?
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Rochester Report: another failure of prophetic imagination?
Elizabeth Macfarlane
Thoughts on the Gambling Bill
Mary Roe
The Windsor Report: A Guide
Simon J Taylor
Doh! 4 More Years of Dubya
Patrick Lewin
A Plea For Green Discipleship
Brian Frost

No. 15 - Oct 2004

'42' Tribunals?
Paul Brett
A Cause for Shame?
Mark Rees

No. 14 - Jul 2004

The Future of the Anglican Communion
David L Edwards
Was it worth the hype?
Kevin Kelly
For Me The Angels Sing
David Taylor

No. 13 - Apr 2004

Re-enacting Gay Marriage
Roger Burg
The Threat of the Headscarf
Anne Davison
'Reading' cohabitation
Duncan Dormor

No. 12 - Jan 2004

Editorial: The Pleasures of Hell
Jonathan Clatworthy
Servetus and Colenso: Valiant for Truth
John Bunyan
What Makes a Vital Liberal Congregation?
Martin Camroux
Blessed are those who recognise that they may not always be right
Richard Lewis