Live in the life of Jesus

Mark 1.29-39

by Nick Jowett (Tune: Morning Light)

  1. Live in the life of Jesus,

    disciples of today;

    be true to his example,

    rejoice in Jesus' way.

    But let love not be shallow

    and grace made all too cheap,

    for those who will not fathom

    his love both broad and deep.

  2. Live in the love of Jesus,

    disciples here and now;

    test out his words and actions,

    and he will show you how.

    He came to bring a kingdom

    where God is all in all,

    not power of place or people,

    but love to great and small.

  3. Live in the strength of Jesus,

    Disciples old and young;

    let him decide your choices,

    the words upon your tongue.

    As he himself was homeless

    and lived on trustful prayer,

    so do not worship things which

    you own and eat and wear.

  4. Live in the power of Jesus,

    disciples gathered here;

    do not forget his promise

    that he will still be near.

    He healed the troubled people

    by simply being there,

    and we can mend the world with

    our quiet attentive care.

Revd Nick Jowett is Vicar of St Andrew's, Psalter Lane, Sheffield and Diocesan Ecumenical Officer.