Gathered here in celebration

by Alan Race (Tune: Abbot's Leigh or Blaenwern)

  1. Gathered here in celebration, shaped as one community,

    friends greet strangers as they offer praise to God who sets us free.

    Grateful for the mem'ries we treasure,

    sharing stories of joy and strife:

    dwell among us, God of journeys;

    open gateways into life.

  2. As we search with expectation, faith meets truth in myriad ways.

    Love of loving for its own sake is sufficient all our days.

    Heal our hurts, transform the systems

    that control or foster hate:

    kindle flames of wise desiring;

    help us share, not dominate.

  3. From the future, hope is calling for a world that yields surprise.

    Letting go is our vocation, looking back is compromise.

    Waiting, reaching for the freshness

    of a pride we can embrace:

    God of every new beginning,

    keep us open to your grace.