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1914F J Foakes-Jackson
1915F J Foakes-Jackson
1916Hastings Rashdall
1917The Church and Modern Churchman
1918The Psychology of Religious Experience
1919The Ideals of Modern Churchmen
1920The Relation between Modern Knowledge and Traditional Christianity
1921Christ and the Creeds
1922Christianity As The World ReligionPercy Gardner
1923Christ and Human Society
1924The Scientific Approach to Religion
1925The Faith of a Modern ChurchmanDean of St Paul's
1926Sacraments: Their Psychology and History
1927The Modern Movement in the English Church
1928Christianity and HistoryDean of St Paul's
1929The Problem of Authority
1930Problems of Personal LifeDean of St Paul's
1931ManW R Inge
1932The ReformationW R Inge
1933The Christian Church and the Modern WorldW R Inge
1934The Bible and the Modern Man W R Inge
1935The Church of England: Its Constitution, Character and CallW R Matthews
1936What to BelieveW R Matthews
1937Christianity and the Religious Crisis W R Matthews
1938Modern Christian EducationCyril Norwood
1939A Comprehensive ChurchCyril Norwood
1940The Church Looks Forward (prepared but never held)
1941no conference
1942no conference
1943The National Church and the National LifeCyril Norwood
1944no conference
1945The Religion the World Needs
1946The Historic Jesus and His GospelCyril Norwood
1947Problems of Christian Faith and PracticeHenry Self
1948The Necessity for a Christian ModernismHenry Self
1949The Flight from ReasonHenry Self
1950Towards Christian Reformation: Reassessment and RestatementHenry Self
1951The Church: Past, Present and FutureHenry Self
1952Christianity Today: Challenge and ResponseHenry Self
1953Liberal Christianity in the Twentieth Century
1954Christian Living in Modern SocietyHenry Self
1955Man: His Nature and Destiny
1956Present Trends in English Religion
1957The Sacred and the SecularJ L Wilson
1958Christianity: a Faith for the World
1959Life and Death
1960Jesus Christ: His World and OursW H C Frend
1961Christ and Human NeedW G Fallows
1962The Church in our Contemporary WorldH C Snape
1963Religion in a Scientific WorldJohn Drewett
1964Symbols for the SixtiesA L Dunstan
1965Christianity in Education TodayDenys Whiteley
1966Honest ReligionJ D Pearce-Higgins
1967The Meaning of Christ for TodayNorman Pittenger
1968Power Within a Christian ContextEdward Carpenter
1969The Liberal Tradition in ChristianityAlan Stephenson
1970Nature, Man and GodEdward Carpenter
1971Freedom and Responsibility: Man's Dilemma in a World of Change and (R)evolution Malcolm Goldsmith
1972Search for MeaningH C Snape
1973Scientific and Christian HumanismF E Compton
1974Religions and the Future of ReligionMarcus Braybrooke
1975Church and SocietyR S O Stevens
1976Integrity in the Religious QuestA C Adcock
1977Whither? A Study of the Shape of the FutureNorman Pittenger
1978Germany and England: Prospects for a Theological Common Market Stephen Sykes
1979Liberal Christianity in PracticeEdward Compton
1980Non-western Theologies and their Significance for the English Church
1981Womanhood and ChristianityDiana McClatchey
1982Technology and Human ValuesEdgar Boyes
1983Belief in God: A Faith for TodayEdward Carpenter
1984The Church and PoliticsJohn Elford
1985Handling Life: Clues to Understanding and CaringGordon Dunstan
1986Fundamentalism: Towards an UnderstandingStephen Platten
1987Nature, Humanity and God: The Present Scientific Perspective Arthur Peacocke
1988Is Liberal Theology Dead?John Bowden
1989The State of the ArkJenny Baker
1990Three Faiths - One God: Christianity, Judaism and IslamJohn Hick
1991New Horizons for Religious EducationBrian Gates
1992Christianity and Eastern Faiths: Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism John Hick
1993Faith Outside the FaithsTom Butler
1994Theology and Church Action in Europe TodayAnthony Dyson
1995Created and Creative: Art as a Contemporary Way of Spirituality George Pattison
1996Survival of the Fittest?Simon Hughes
1997Spirit and Spirituality, or 'Finding the Gap'Michael Hare Duke
1998Thinking the UnthinkableJohn Saxbee
1999Christianity and Poverty in the 21st CenturyMichael Taylor
2000Jesus for the Third MillenniumRichard Holloway
2001A Road to Nowhere? History, Purpose and ProvidenceMaurice Wiles
2002By Whose Authority?David Conner
2003Globalising GodJohn Atherton
2004The God Experience: Who has it and Why?Paul Badham
2005Science and Religion: Old Enemies or New Friends?Richard Harries
2006Passion for Justice: Global and Faithful Perspectives on Sexuality Elaine Graham
2007Violence: a stubborn pandemicAlan Race
2008Saving the soul of Anglicanism: the nature and future of the Anglican Communion Barry Morgan
2009Perfect Freedom: Liberal Theology Today and TomorrowJohn Saxbee
2010Shifting Paradigms: Theology & Economics in the 21st CenturyEdmund Newell