1898Revd Prof George Henslow
1899PDFRevd William Frederick Cobb (later Geikie-Cobb)
1900Revd William Manning
1902Revd Dr William Douglas Morrison
1908Sir Charles Acland
From around 1911 to his death in 1961 the organization was dominated by Henry Dewsbury Alves Major, editor of the Modern Churchman from its inception in 1911. Major was its primary spokesman who frequently articulated the Modernist programme.
1915Prof Percy Gardner
1916 Revd Cavendish Moxon
[Note 1]
1920Mr Philip Henry Bagenal
1923Very Revd Hastings Rashdall Revd John Henry Bentley
1924Very Revd William Ralph Inge
1927Revd Thomas John Wood
1934Very Revd Walter Robert Matthews
1937Sir Cyril Norwood
1942Revd Robert Gladstone Griffith
1950Revd Thomas John Wood
1954Revd Clifford Oswald Rhodes
1958Rt Revd John Leonard Wilson
1960Revd Frank Edward Compton
1966Very Revd Edward Frederick Carpenter
[Note 2]
1990Rt Revd Peter Selby
1991Revd Nicholas Paul Henderson
1997Rt Revd John Saxbee
2002Revd Jonathan Clatworthy
  1. Moxon had previously acted as Assistant Secretary to Manning. Miss Dora Nussey and Revd J M Jeakes acted with Moxon as Hon Assistant Secretaries. Later Mr Llewelyn Preece took the place of Jeakes. [back]
  2. Secretaries from 1960 to 1991 are a little unclear. In 1984 Edward Compton was Membership Secretary, Revd Peter Croft was General Secretary and Revd John Gutteridge was Conference Secretary. Revd Richard Truss succeeded Peter Croft in about 1987. Edward Compton continued as Membership Secretary until this was handed over to Philip Harratt. [back]